“The best decision we ever made when choosing a company to handle our renovation and addition to our Historic Eastover home was selecting Tri-Square Builders. We have done two projects in the last 10 years and we couldn’t be more thrilled and impressed with every aspect of the process. From start to finish the service was excellent, the craftsmanship superb and the finished product was gorgeous. From owner David Young to foreman Ed Rickenbacker and Ron Hall as well as all the Tri-Square crew, we have always felt that their primary goal was to ensure a beautiful, well-functioning space for our family to fill with love. They have always exceeded our expectations!”

Tara and Mike

“When it came to choosing a builder, expertise and trust were critical. I needed to be confident that my home would be built to the highest standards. Tri-Square did not let me down! The total process, from project feasibility to design and construction was flawless. The entire team at Tri-Square builders is professional, courteous and knowledgeable. I am thrilled with my new home and basement renovation, and would highly recommend Tri-Square Builders without hesitation.”


“We hired Tri-Square for a large remodel/addition project after interviewing three other contractors. Dave was very informative at the initial meeting and took a lot of time to answer all our questions. From the demolition to completion, Dave and his crew were top-notch. Everyone we worked with at Tri-Square were very professional and attentive. We always felt comfortable with each employee who worked on our project. The entire crew took extra care to keep our home/property clean at the end of each day.

As with any large project, we had a few unexpected issues, but Tri-Square was quick to resolve them in a timely manner. The communication was excellent during the entire process. We are thrilled with our new addition and the other smaller projects Tri-Square helped us with. We have received numerous complements on the exterior and interior since completion. We would not hesitate to recommend Tri-Square to our family and friends.”

Dawn and Dan

“It was important to me to find a builder that was honest, reliable, hardworking and experienced. I immediately felt comfortable with Dave and Ed and trusted them with my renovation. Tri-Square was the only builder to give me a detailed estimate of the project. Dave was very meticulous when it came to the budget and there were no surprise costs in the end. I also appreciated how much time Dave spent in the early stages of the project. He took the time to do many sketches based on my concerns and what I wanted with my renovations.

I truly valued that I could trust anyone that worked for Tri-Square. I leaned on Dave and Ed for their opinions about the renovation and I also had no concerns about anyone working for them being in my home. They kept an extremely neat and clean work area and were always very considerate of my home and my space.

I have recommended Tri-Square to many people. I felt like my project went very smoothly and that is because Tri-Square did everything that they said they were going to do, on time, or even sometimes early!”


“I am a large-scale commercial builder specializing in very sensitive and complex higher education, healthcare, corporate and cultural projects. Needless to say, my expectations regarding attention to detail and quality installation, site organization and cleanliness, temporary protection, project sequencing and phasing, pricing and procurement, and daily and weekly communication are all very, very high. Tri-Square met and/or exceeded these expectations on every project.

The company successfully delivered three consecutive expansions and renovations to our one-story, 1954 traditional/colonial brick ranch home over a 15-year period. In 2001, we added a master bedroom and bath, guest bedroom and family room, and back patio expansion. The project was a fairly clean addition off the rear portion of the house. The most difficult aspect of the project was the fact that the Tri-Square team and their subcontractors had to take over the back portion of the house between our detached garage and rear/main entry to the house. Site coordination and cleanliness had to be controlled in a very sensitive way so that access in and out of the house could be maintained at all times. Tri-Square did an excellent job of staying out of the way and protecting aspects of our house and exterior hardscape/landscaping that were adjacent to the construction area. Before construction started, the Tri-Square team was very helpful with material selections and discussing allowance categories. They were very patient with us as we requested various alternates and options to be priced. This first project was completed on time and within budget, and we were very happy with the finished product.

In 2005, we decided to gut and renovate the existing kitchen, demolish the adjacent screened-in back porch, build an addition to the kitchen (doubling its size), and add a utility room. Tri-Square set up a temporary kitchen in our dining room, which was very helpful as we lived in the house during the entire construction duration. One difficult aspect was the fact that our washer and dryer were out of service for the entire duration of the project. There was simply no practical way to set them up temporarily in another portion of the house. As one would expect, the schedule became one of the most important aspects of the project, given that we had to do all laundry offsite for five months. Additionally, our main entry/egress point at the rear of the house was completely inaccessible. Tri-Square created an alternate back entrance/exit point and kept the site area very clean and orderly. Most importantly, they maintained the schedule and completed it slightly ahead of schedule. One of the most impressive aspects of the project was the new cabinetry. The craftsmanship and quality were outstanding.

Our most recent project with Tri-Square was by far the most complex and presented the most risk. The scope involved adding an entire second story to the existing one-story ranch house. This project was made more difficult by the fact that we decided to live in the house for the entire construction duration. Our family had grown from three to five, and clearly this project created very challenging space issues as well as temporary protection issues. Tri-Square and their subcontractors had to remove the entire roof of our existing house and protect the living space below with tarps and other weather-tight measures, each and every day for three straight months. As one would expect, we received considerable amounts of rain during this time. I am happy and proud to report that we didn’t have one instance of water infiltration during this entire three-month period – pretty remarkable!

In addition, a very complex and sensitive portion of the project involved all the structural enhancements needed to support the second-story addition above. Multiple large structural members had to be strategically toothed across and down through the lower level of the house – many in the middle of where our family was living day-to-day. Multiple small phases and very sensitive sequencing were planned for and implemented with quick in-and-out construction periods to install the structural scopes of work. Tri-Square was extremely careful with temporary partitions and communicated thoroughly at every step – often on an hour-by-hour basis during the most hectic times. They were very flexible when we asked them to perform more cumbersome work-arounds so that it would be easier on us (but more difficult for them). We also appreciated the way they communicated “last chance” opportunities to make changes or add scope, before it was too late and cost-prohibitive to reconstruct. Overall, we were extremely pleased with Tri-Square’s execution of such a complex project.

We were fortunate to have Ed Rickenbaker and Ron Hall so integrally involved in all three of our projects. I think it speaks well to Tri-Square’s stability and tradition to have the same individuals involved over a 15-year span. I felt like Ed and Ron were always in tune with the nuances of our family as well as to my very specific and demanding job management requirements. They remembered aspects of the past projects that helped us with the current project at hand. I trust Ed and Ron implicitly. They are very knowledgeable in their trade and most efficient and effective with their day-to-day execution.

I would recommend Tri-Square for any residential construction project, especially those that involve very sensitive scopes of work in and around an ongoing operating environment. Tri-Square is cost-effective and very focused on schedules. As a Charlotte native, I have followed their growth and continued success building in many of the city’s most established and prominent neighborhoods. They thoroughly understand the subcontractor market and work with most all of the area’s residential architects. Jobs well done, Tri-Square!”

Shelley and David

“When we began our renovation process, my husband and I literally had no idea what we were doing, so we needed a contractor that was extremely user-friendly. We were lucky to find Tri-Square. From the beginning, they were a pleasure to work with. They were responsive, even to our requests to revise the estimate and scope of work several times. Ed Rickenbaker brainstormed with us on how to save money on the project. He guided us step by step through the renovation process, telling us what we needed to be thinking about next – picking out paint colors and tile with enough lead time, for example – and explaining construction basics like framing, lighting and crawl spaces.

As we began construction, we feared (based on stories from friends and family) that our project would end up costing us more than our budget allowed and would drag out past our anticipated time frame. Neither of these happened; Tri-Square was timely and efficient. They even did extra little things to make our lives easier, like meeting delivery people at the house and painting extra rooms for us at cost.

We have another renovation planned in a few years, and we plan to use Tri-Square again. We have recommended them, without hesitation, to so many friends.”

Meghan and Luis

“My husband Pierce and I have worked with Dave and Ed on five separate occasions over the last 15 years. Our projects with Tri-Square have included a whole-house- down-to-the-studs complete remodel, as well as a later bathroom and basement remodel of our Myers Park home. With Dave and Ed’s knowledge and support, we were able to keep and renew many of the home’s original features: plaster walls and moldings, wavy glass, old windows and the fireplace mantel and surround. These features make our 1926 home unique and special to us. We love our “old” house and are very proud of it. All of this was made possible by the partnership with Tri-Square who provided accurate estimates, extensive technical know-how and solid project management.”

Cindy and Pierce

“We wanted a reliable and trustworthy builder with a good reputation that had been in business for many years. Cost was secondary to selecting a builder that would do the job correctly. This was a big job for our family and knowing that the builder was experienced in big jobs was key for us. I have been in Charlotte since 1984 and I have seen the “Tri-Square” sign in the front yards of many fine homes in Dilworth and surrounding areas. Tri-Square was actively getting the jobs for the more upscale neighborhoods and that usually means that the firm does a good job. Tri-Square also has a great BBB rating.

David Young was the main reason we went with Tri-Square. David was very positive and saw only opportunity, not problems. Other contractors would point out all the things that could go wrong as this was a big job. David did not see any problems, only solutions. He had confidence that Tri-Square could complete the job easily, and you could tell that Tri-Square had vast experience in jobs of this nature. He also did the architecture and design and it was a fine job.

We built out a third-floor attic space to add two bedrooms, full bath and great room. It was over 1500 square feet. Tri-Square also did the second-floor bathroom remodel as we had to tear it up to complete the project. As Tri-Square did the design, we did not have to pay extra for an architect. We loved the design that David came up with and it seemed very professional and made sense. I challenge anyone to come to our home to see the finished project and you cannot tell that it was an addition. The work looks like it was originally built with the house and does not look like it was “added on” later.

Tri-Square may not be the cheapest or the fastest, but they stand behind their work. The people who work for Tri-Square were very friendly and personable. They are a big company but feel more like “Mom & Pop.” They were out on this job for seven months so they became almost friends. I enjoyed working with them even when things did not go as planned. There are many good builders. Tri-Square is certainly one of them. They are reliable and experienced and stand behind their work. On a big project, things will go wrong. But Tri-Square always addressed all the issues with honesty and integrity. They kept us informed even when the message was not what we wanted to hear. Tri-Square will stand behind their work. We would certainly use them again.”

Ashlyn and Tim

“My architect early in the process recommended Tri-Square to me. I was looking for a builder I felt I could trust and communicated well. I was out of state during the remodeling process, so finding a builder who explained the process and expectations clearly helped me to make the necessary decisions in order for the project to stay on time and within budget.

It was clear from the first meeting that Tri-Square placed a high value on the quality of work they delivered. Mr. Young clearly understood the attention to detail expected in any home, particularly in the Myers Park neighborhood. The response time via email, phone or text was quick, they answered all my questions and they allowed me to feel secure in knowing the project was being managed properly and great care was being taken to respect my budget, which allowed me to focus on my upcoming cross-country move.

I hired Tri-Square for two separate projects. The first was a complete remodel of the kitchen, family room, living room, dining room, master bedroom and bath, laundry and secondary bathrooms. The second project was the addition of a covered outdoor patio and living area and replacement of backyard exterior doors. The outdoor patio included a double-sided fireplace, outdoor kitchen, and living area that included skylights, ceiling heaters, lighting and fans. I will also use Tri-Square again in the future to design, renovate and replace the front door and entrance. Mr. Young listened carefully and was able to take my design ideas drawn on lined school paper and translate them into the exact picture I had in my head of what I envisioned for my home. His expertise in the construction process facilitated making some “changes” from my original ideas that wouldn’t work from a construction perspective, but the collaborative effort turned out better than I imagined.

The best part of this experience was the valuable lessons I learned along the way of many things I didn’t understand about the remodeling process. Mr. Young was always willing to take whatever time needed to explain the whys and hows of things, because as a layman I didn’t understand. The number of moving parts that have to coordinate in order for a project to be successful takes a skilled management team to oversee, and clearly Mr. Young, his staff and subcontractors have a system that works together efficiently and successfully. I have recommended Tri-Square to anyone who is looking to design/remodel his or her home. From start to finish, the level of professionalism and attention to detail is exceptional.”


“We would like to thank you and your staff for the stellar work on remodeling our kitchen and bath. We have received so many compliments and could not have selected a better company/team. Working with your team has made the process so much easier and stress-free for our family. We look forward to working with you on future projects.”

Thuy and Mike

“When I was contemplating buying my house, it was evident that the kitchen would need a complete renovation. Dave and I met a few times to discuss my vision of what I thought the kitchen and surrounding areas should be. Then he came up with a plan and was so willing to work with me and listen to my needs and desires that after just a few tweaks we had the perfect working plan. His design so captured my vision, that sometimes I think I did it – truly the greatest compliment. His design process was so seamless and spot on. And then the execution of the design plan by his building team is unparalleled. I so loved the process that I can’t wait to build on a new master bedroom suite.”


“We used Tri-Square to do our kitchen remodel. This project involved moving an exterior wall of our home and reconfiguring the internal layout of the room. Dave and his crew were excellent at explaining the details of the process, refining the design, and working around our family of five (including a two-year-old) during the project. The project was completed on time, with great professionalism, and right on the price we had agreed upon. The best part, aside from the fact that they insulated us from the construction, was that there were no surprises. Dave does a phenomenal job of laying out the project on the front end. Not only have we referred him on to friends that are doing home remodeling projects, we have used him a second time.”

Deborah and Brad

“After buying a home in need of some renovations, as well as an addition, we hired Tri-Square to complete the job. After moving very quickly through this process, we immediately moved into the build-out phase. Our project manager Ron, as well as the team that worked with him, was excellent. We appreciated the team’s professionalism, friendliness and superb communication skills. The renovation/addition exceeded our expectations. We highly refer Tri-Square and would use them again.”

Martha and Jeff

“We have used Tri-Square for three renovation/addition projects in recent years. We have been very pleased with David and his team’s attention to detail, quality of workmanship and responsiveness. Although many renovation/addition projects are invasive, Tri-Square always thought of our family first and did everything possible to avoid disrupting our home life, and even worked around our baby’s nap schedule during loud portions of the work. We highly recommend David and his team and would not hesitate to use him again.”

Kelly and Jason

“Over the past 10 years, we have completed three renovations with Tri-Square. Call me addicted! We have gutted a kitchen, knocked down interior walls and exterior walls, put in interior sliding French doors, added steel beams to existing rooms and very large openings, matched existing hardwoods, built an outdoor patio, open-air porch and gorgeous fireplace, transformed second-floor and third-floor attics, and built a custom staircase out of thin air! Our decisions were not made lightly. Each time we started the process, we contacted a few other contractors just to make sure the grass wasn’t greener somewhere else. Every time, Tri-Square won the bid by a long shot – not only in price, but service, quality, experience and design ideas.

One benefit we found to using Tri-Square over the years is their focus on cleanliness and privacy. During two of the three renovations, our family of five continued to live in the house while construction was going on. Tri-Square took great measures to stay out of the main living area and to give the family all the privacy needed. They built temporary walls so they could work on the other side and two temporary outdoor stairs to finish in the attic spaces. There was very little interruption to our daily lives. Ron Hall did a spectacular job in communicating with us on next steps and everything we needed to know along the way. We also appreciate his skill in making sure his subcontractors and other men worked respectfully and cleaned up the work site each day. Top-notch service. I can comfortably and highly recommend Tri-Square for any type of project large or small. No doubt, if there is a fourth renovation, we will make one phone call – and that will be to Dave Young at Tri-Square.”

Patty and Chris

“Tri-Square completed three separate renovations to our 80-year-old Myers Park home: basement conversion, redesigned bedroom area to replace one old bathroom with two new bathrooms, and redesigned master bedroom/bathroom area (they replaced an old small bathroom with a new master bath suite). I chose Tri-Square for a variety of reasons. First, they have a great reputation and have plenty of experience working on old Myers Park homes. The bid was fair, lower than others, with clear pricing and no hidden charges or future budget-busters. My ideas and preferences were respected and incorporated into the design plan and the schedule for completion had a shorter time-frame than other builders projected. What more can you ask from a residential building contractor? I now refer to David Young as “my builder” and recommend Tri-Square highly to others. I would be happy to speak with anyone who would like to know more about our experience.”

Elizabeth and Tim

“Tri-Square was great to work with and I’m very pleased with the results. I received three quotes and Tri-Square was the most competitive in their pricing overall. In addition, the bid was very comprehensive and held up well under my detailed review. I worked with Dave Young through the initial process and he was knowledgeable and very reasonable. He was also very patient with my many questions and changes – from this I got the impression that Tri-Square would be good to work with on this large and complex project!

I credit the success of this renovation to my project manager Ron Hall, who could not have been better to work with! After discussing a specific plan with Ron, I decided my family would remain living in the house throughout the six-month construction project. Tri-Square did a great job of working around us, they were very considerate. With all the twists and turns to this project, Ron kept on schedule and within budget, and never failed to keep me informed about upcoming work, raised all issues appropriately and was really patient with all my questions. He and the entire crew were very considerate of the fact that we were living in the house, and even planned the most disruptive work while we were away on vacation!

As they have been throughout the project, Ron and his team have been quick to respond and have made sure that the work was done to my satisfaction. This six-month construction project could have been difficult on my family, especially since we lived in the house throughout, but its really been a great experience. I’d recommend Tri Square to anyone without reservation (and have, several times already!). I just love my newly renovated home!”


“We purchased a traditional Myers Park house with the intention of adding on, and Tri-Square helped us from start to finish with the renovation. Dave Young’s design/build capabilities were incredible and we couldn’t be happier with our finished product. He basically drew our plans and worked with us to renovate our house as a one-stop shop. Dave probably missed his calling and should have been an architect. You can tell he really loves the design phase and draws from years of experience renovating and building homes in the area. Ron Hall was our project manager and was a pleasure to work with on a daily basis. By the end of the project he felt like an extended family member. Unfortunately for him, my wife still has him on speed dial for anything (like changing a light bulb)! He is a patient and good man.”

Elizabeth and Byron

“In late 2010, Tri-Square began the remodel and expansion of our home. We spent many months planning our remodel and several months meeting with contractors. Due to the magnitude of our project, we spent vast amounts of time meeting with contractors. While every contractor we met with brought a unique set of skills to the table, I was particularly impressed with Dave’s grasp of the project and appreciated his insight and suggestions. I cannot stress enough the importance of the planning phase during a remodeling project. A key element in hiring a contractor lies in the strength of the subcontractors. From the plumber to the electrician, Tri-Square brought a wealth of experience to the table and that experience ultimately improved and enhanced our project.

Another key element of dealing with a contractor involves the construction supervisor, and Tri-Square is blessed with Ron. I can honestly say that progress was made every day on our project and I was updated on a daily basis. As a homeowner, I also appreciated how easily Tri-Square interfaced with our pool contractor, security system contractor and sound system people. Ultimately this coordination saved me a lot of stress. In the end, my husband and I have a result that we are very proud to call home.”

Margaret and Jim

“We added approximately 1,300 square feet to our home with a two-story addition including a master bedroom, bath, walk-in closet, den and storage. We received another bid on this project and Tri-Square was cheaper. David Young bid on the job at the last moment, as some of the other companies we had lined up fell through. Tri-Square did an excellent job of keeping the project moving. The project took about four-and-a-half months from start to finish. They went out of their way to minimize the impact on the existing house as we did not move out. They were also very understanding when we had some major issues with the bank and funding. David made a lot of suggestions and recommendations to our plans based on his experience. We passed almost all of our inspections on the first round and had very little problems and issues. The whole company is very professional and really care about their customers.”


“Before meeting David Young, we had given up hope of finding an efficient contractor who would give us a good result. Three years ago we began an extensive renovation and chose a contractor who built homes for NASCAR drivers, feeling we would achieve a top-notch product. Two contractors later we were left disappointed with the results. This year, thanks to a new architect, we found Tri-Square. Not only did they do an exceptional job, but the work was completed ahead of schedule. The project ran as smooth as silk and with nearly daily updates as to when the subs were coming and what to expect next. We love our new garage and breezeway and our neighbors do, too. At last we have found a reputable contractor who takes pride in doing good work and seeks to have a pleased customer. We highly recommend David Young and only wish we had met him sooner. Thanks, David, for a job well done. You are the best!”

Joy and James

“I had the opportunity to work with David and his company Tri-Square for both the design and the construction of our new home. I can’t express enough the value we received in working with David. He even helped us to select the proper lot to use for the construction that we wanted. That alone saved us over $20,000. What a way to start a relationship! Then his skills in designing came into play. How he was able to envision use of space for relatively low dollars was beyond my understanding. He was thoughtful not only about the current situation and how we might use it in the future but also took into account how those items could benefit us later for resale. All of which have come true.

We have been so grateful for David’s recommendations. He maximized our space, our privacy, little things like water runoff and attention to detail in trim work and more. There is no doubt that David saved us thousands but, more importantly, we still use our home today in the manner that David suggested 10 years ago. Another important item that many may not think is so important, David consistently keeps our project site clean, many times by doing it himself. Subcontractors seem to work better when they have a clean job site and our neighbors really appreciated it. We were proud when we would take people by to look at our new home. David covered all the details and this is the reason when we build again Tri-Square will be our choice.”

Lorina and Paul

“David Young and Tri-Square came highly recommended from several friends and the company did not disappoint. David is honest, reliable, and dependable, and his company delivers quality work and craftsmanship to all construction projects, regardless of the project’s size. I highly recommend Tri-Square to anyone considering a house renovation or building project.”

Lynn and Roger

“My husband and I finally realized that if we waited for the perfect time to renovate, then we would probably never do it. One of my stipulations was the desire to stay in our house during the renovation process. Tri-Square was happy to work around us and were as unobtrusive as they could be.

One of the standout factors with Tri -Square was Dave’s willingness to get right on the task at hand. It was clear to us that he really wanted to get this job and that was very appealing to us. During the planning process, Dave was very professional and incredibly detailed. Our estimate was figured down to the bolts. We didn’t want any surprises.

I cannot say enough good things about our general contractor, Ron Hall. He was dependable, professional, always on time and present throughout the entire process. We had someone at our house every day, which assured us that the project was always moving forward. The team respected our privacy and kept the construction site as tidy as possible.

We had a conceptual idea that involved hardware that had to be designed and then custom-made. Between our architect and Tri-Square, the idea was executed and we couldn’t be happier with it. Ron always had a can-do attitude and went way beyond the call of duty on a number of occasions.

And finally, years after the completion of our job, Ron is still incredibly accessible, should I need anything. It doesn’t get better than that.”

Becca and Scott